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Mrazuvzdorné kaktusy severní ameriky II.

Mrazuvzdorné kaktusy severní ameriky II.

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Not all cacti require frost-free wintering. There are also species that have to endure severe frosts in their homeland. We can overwinter these in a rockery, the slightly more delicate ones in a covered rockery, or in an unheated greenhouse, etc.

These cacti caught the attention of a well-known Slovak cactus grower, the author of this book, Ing. Gabriel Vereš (* 1940 – † 2020), who specialized in these plants. In the book, he shares his observations and experiences with growing these plants.

The book has 176 pages, contains 450 photographs, 5 maps, 21 comparative tables.

It was published in 2015 in the Czech language.

If you are ordering goods (plants and seeds) from outside the EU, a phytosanitary certificate (for species from the CITES II category, ca 68 €), or a phytosanitary certificate + CITES permit (for species from the CITES I category, ca 68 € + 50 €) will be added to your order

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