About us

My name is Miloslav Hájek

I have been growing cacti since 1967 . At first I grew all the species I could find.

Over time, I was most interested in the frost-resistant species of the southwestern USA, and in recent years I have also returned to the non-frost-resistant, mainly Mexican smaller species.

I left my job as a designer in 1989 and grow cacti as my main occupation .


Today there are 4 people in my team. The eldest son, Miloslav, is the head of the technical department, a specialist in substrates and their preparation. The middle son, Jiří, is primarily an administrator, communication specialist and financial director. His wife, Markéta, is a specialist in everything and is always right. The youngest son, Martin, focuses on the precise planting of plants. But for most of the year it's like that everyone does everything as their strength and mood suffices.

What we do